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Voyage beyond the planet and experience our home through the eyes of Astronauts. Orbital is an epic animated journey from the Big Bang to the flourishing of Life on Earth, to Low Earth Orbit. Orbital transports you through an abstract landscape of light, inspired by bioluminescent earthly beings and atmospheric aurorae. Guided by the astronauts of Constellation Coalition, men and women who have looked back and experienced the awe of our place in the universe, you will feel your own "Overview Effect" as you meditate on our planet in Shared Reality.

Visuals & VFX Production by KUVA

An ambitious 60fps cgi film produced in 24k resolution for a 87-foot diameter LED dome screen

Premiering in Los Angeles on 17th July 2024

Tickets available here for various dates Summer 2024

Client: Cosm Studios

In partnership with Planetary Collective